Current Funders

  • Vraag En Aanbod Internationaal (Netherlands)

    Donation carpentry tools for the youth in 2001.

  • Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation

    Building and Completion of partial Volunteer and Community Center;funded spring well development and hand dug well project,funded small  solar laterns project (Waka waka solar laterns),student sponsorship,land expansion for the resource center,administration suppport,faith building project(construction of classrooms at Faith children’s foundation, Health support to KACCAD  family and Faith staff, funded building of spring well for Faith children’s foundation and for the nearby population, repairing of poultry farm,funded family planning and Reproductive health, donated solar power equipment and funded their installation at Bbira health centre and Faith children’s foundation,funded scaling up of chicken project,purchase of  a solar refrigerator for Bbira health centre,purchase of microsope for Bbira health centre present.

  • Maine Community Foundation

    Building the volunteer and community Center security Fence. Present

  • A Broader view USA

    Sending us volunteers and support project activities ( Building of the community and volunteer centre, Transport facility, Malaria  prevention and provision of mosquito nets , Food and Nutrition support, HIV/AIDS Event support, Orphanage support: Present.

  • With God’s Little Ones (USA)

    Sponsorship of Internet installation for the KACCAD office ,sponsorship of  an HIV/AIDS affected widow in starting chicken rearing and of her eldest daughter in attending nursing school,roofing of volunteer centre,finishing second apartment of the volunteer centre,installation of complete solar power equipment at the volunteer centre,stocking chicken at the poultry farm, sponsorship of orphans,donation of solar equipment for the poultry farm,donation of clothes for orphans,donation of food relief,donation of scholastic items for orphans,donation of rocket stoves and cooking pots for both  vulnerable households and schools, starting building the resource center and administration block Present.

  • Antlantic Philanthropies

    Health institutional support at Bbira.

  • Let there be light international

    Funding of small solar lanterns for vulnerable households.

  • Individuals

    There are as well a number of individuals who are currently supporting KACCAD's various projects.

Previous Funders

  • AIDS Information Centre (Uganda)

    Provision of HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing services March 2007-present.

  • Center for Spiritual Awakening (USA)

    Donation of funds for food for HIV/AIDS OVCs 2006-2007

  • Peace Corps Uganda (USA)

    volunteer HIV/AIDS and health educator 2006- 2008.

  • Operation Pass Along; a Ministry of Hillspeak (USA)

    Donation of books for community library 2006.

  • Dixon Church of Christ (USA)

    Ongoing sponsorship of 48 OVCs, and donation of funds for maintenance of piggery project in 2004.

  • World Bank Book Project

    Donation of 2,500 books for schools including Gold Max Primary School, Genesis Primary School, Nursery Primary School, Bulenga Modern Primary School in 2003

  • Technical Centre for Agriculture (Netherlands)

    Provision of text books on livestock farming, agriculture and technology which were used in training sessions for young local farmers 1999 and 2002.

  • Department for International Development (DFID small grant scheme British High Commissions Fund)

    Provision of funds and resources to launch the tailoring project, and piggery Demonstration Farm 2000-2001.

  • Uganda National Health Consumers Organization (UNHCO)

    Training community health workers and birth attendants in HIV/AIDS prevention through.

  • Book Aid International United Kingdom in collaboration with Kyambogo Institute of Teachers' Education

    Donation of 700 text books to Nicaragua Primary School and Kikaaya Collage in Bulenga, 1998-1999.

  • Other public institutions, Wakiso local governments and international donors

    ongoing support.