Submitted by Editor on Sat, 09/17/2016 - 13:00

Many lives continue to be brightened as a result of the partnership between Let There Be Light International and KACCAD! On August 16th, 150 pico solar lights were distributed to members of Kisoga village in the Gomba district. The recipients of the lights were identified as “vulnerable” by local leaders in the Gomba district. Among the recipients were 82 homebound elderly person, 53 new and expectant mothers, and 22 persons with disabilities (including some elder and mothers). Solar lights will provide a low cost, safe, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative to their previously used lighting methods (Kerosene, candles, and battery torches). A similar distribution took place on May 23rd with 300 pico solar lights being given to vulnerable members of the Parish of Bukundugulu in Kyengonza Sub County.

In addition to providing Pico Solar Lights to households, KACCAD was able to install solar lighting for four rural, off grid health centers. In May, solar lighting systems were installed at Kasambya Haealth Center and Mawuki Health Center. In August, Kanzira Health Center II and Kawerimidde Health Center II received solar light systems. Solar lighting will allow these health centers to extend their hours of operation, providing more people with essential health services and improving the lighting conditions for everyone present.

150 more Pico Solar lights will be distributed to villages in the Gomba district on Septeber 27th. Sarah Baird, founder of Let There Be Light International, will be joining for this distribution! In the Wakiso district, George Mike has been teaching new mothers about the advantages of pico solar lights. He explains why they are a safe, healthy, and low cost alternative, demonstrates how they are used, and provides information about what to look for when purchasing.