Submitted by Editor on Thu, 09/01/2016 - 12:52

In the month of September, KACCAD was blessed to host the president of LTBLI Sarah Baird and a board member Ben Kerman. On their visit they brought with them a portable projector donated by them for KACCAD’s usage during trainings or conferences, and also brought three tablet computers and solar charger donated by a board member of LTBLI.

During a week stay with KACCAD they were engaged in training of field officers on the usage of tablet computers to do field work. Also they travelled to Gomba district with KACCAD executive Director Luwaga Derrick and Media team of reporters from Bukedde TV and UBC star TV to inspect the health facilities that had been electrified with solar light in the past years. They were later joined by a team of field officers and ABV corps Hannah Kraus and Monica Taggart to distribute pico solar lights to 300 vetted eligible solar recipients the following day at Nsambwe primary school.

On return from Gomba district, they engaged in selection of best artist in a competition for LTBLI posters. The following day they had a meeting with administrators of Sunny Money Uganda, a social enterprise of Solar Aid accompanied by George Mike Luberenga an Evaluation consultant and outreach educationist, they also bought a wifi router for office and field usage. A day before their departure they travelled with KACCAD director Luwaga Derrick and service staff Siriman Kiryowa to Ngamba Island on a sponsored trip by Sarah and Ben. It was such an enjoyable and unforgettable visit.