Sponsoring a child to stay in school is a key solution to setting a vulnerable child free from poverty. The vulnerability condition is short-lived when a child gets an education opportunity.

Many vulnerable children end up on streets of Wakiso and Kampala engaging in drug abuse and other illegal acts when they fail to find a chance for school. 

The COVID-19 escalated the level of school drop out as most guardians of orphans lost employment and let go of these young children which caused a rise in the number of young mothers who were forced by the circumstances to discontinue their studies. There is a need to help these young mothers to return to school to continue their studies. 

Since 2003, 32 sponsored students have completed education at tertiary and University institutions and a total of 71 students have received education sponsorship.  A total of 550 students have been supported through affiliate schools/orphanages.

You can help children overcome challenges they’d otherwise face for a lifetime. You can help set them free. Help sponsor a child