With support from donors and international friends, KACCAD has been able to provide school fees to orphaned children who could not otherwise afford to attend school. Some children have been orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS while others come from extremely poor households headed by single mothers, elderly persons and some by children themselves. 

Apparently  KACCAD is providing education support to 363 orphans and vulnerable children in its affiliate orphanages/schools and 39 disadvantaged children being sponsored by international friends, partners and KACCAD  attending other schools.

Please click here to view more details on our student sponsorship program with a list of orphaned and vulnerable children seeking sponsorship. Your support for these children will make a difference in the lives of not just the individuals but for Uganda as well.

With donor support KACCAD has also provided a total of 3,200 books for schools including Nicaragua Primary School and Kikaaya College in Bulenga, Gold Max Primary School and Secondary school, Genesis Primary School and Bulenga Modern Primary School.

Many students who have received school fees from KACCAD continue to struggle both in school and in meeting their other needs. In addition to attending school for nine plus hours, most of these students have to work at least three hours a day to provide for their other necessities. Also KACCAD has been unable to provide mosquito nets and other items such as soap to support their health. These items are especially important for the children who are HIV/AIDS infected, sickler and handicapped.

During 2022 and 2023, we anticipate securing education sponsorship for at least an additional 90 children if necessary resources become available. Some of these beneficiaries will be receiving their education at Pearl Junior School, an affiliate school while others will be sponsored at various schools where they are receiving their education. Given the prevailing economic situation in the country and cost of living, we estimate that each target beneficiary will require sponsorship of about USD 300 for primary students and USD 450 for secondary students per academic year. Every academic year there are 3 terms.

Your donation of funds, secondhand or new clothes, books or toys will be used to benefit children already receiving school fees and those in need of school fees support. Donation of funds for school uniforms and other scholastic materials will greatly benefit a child's life and future. When ongoing funding is available it will be used to sponsor still other children's school fees. KACCAD will arrange with the school for your donation to go directly to the school in order to cover these costs. Please do not hesitate to specify how you would like your donation to be used to benefit the OVCs.