The water and sanitation project pursues to enable vulnerable communities to access clean water. Under this project KACCAD applies for funding from willing donors and uses it to construct new wells (protected spring wells), and renovate existing wells.

The procedure involves mobilizing the members of the vulnerable community in a particular identified area, sensitizing them on issues of accessibility and benefits of clean water, then discuss and agree with them on the best approach of constructing a water point in their area for them to use in obtaining the clean water. 

In this regard the discussion centers around the roles that each stakeholder will undertake, the resources that will be required, the monetary and or material contributions that each party will undertake and any other issues deemed relevant to be discussed.

Under this project KACCAD has so far constructed a total of 33 protected wells, renovated a total of 7 spring wells and constructed 3 hand dug wells. For purposes of funding, the construction of one protected spring well requires $2,700 and the renovation usually costs $1,500 only.