The Women SET (Solar Entrepreneurship Training) Project is aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to be able to promote peoples’ access to clean through solar entrepreneurship. They do this by raising awareness about energy poverty and climate change issues, educating the public about benefits of using solar light and selling solar lights at affordable prices in order to enable the communities to access them.

Under this project the implementation procedure involves mobilizing women entrepreneurs in a particular area to form a group; educate them about energy poverty and climate change issues; sensitize them on benefits of solar light; and train them on solar entrepreneurship skills. After they complete their training, the group is supported with a start-up capital package of 40 solar lights for them to sell and use some of the profits (about 40%) for re-investment in order to steadily increase the business operation scale.

Thus, the project pursues two outcomes:

  1. Raising public awareness on energy poverty and climate change issues
  2. Promoting peoples’ access to clean energy

It costs about $1,280 to form one women SET group, train it in entrepreneurship skills and provide it with start-up capital of 40 solar lights.