This project aims at addressing socio-economic concerns of the PWDs for inclusive development.

Prevailing challenges of PWDs

  • Limited access to resources necessary for socio-economic development
  • Discrimination in respect of job offers on the basis of being disabled
  • Limited mobility for the physically handicapped people

Working solutions

  • Empowering the PWDs to have adequate access to resources necessary for development
  • Advocacy for non discrimination of PWDs in accessing job opportunities
  • Provision of wheel chairs and other mobility items to facilitate the movement of physically handicapped persons


To improve livelihoods of PWDs through economic empowerment and non discrimination advocacy

Project objectives

  1. To advocate for non discrimination of PWDs because of their being disabled persons
  2. To empower PWDs with skills of income generation from sustainable operation of businesses
  3. To support PWDs to establish and operate income generating activities
  4. To enable physically handicapped people to acquire mobility equipment
  5. To facilitate children with disabilities (CWDs) to access Special Needs Education

Targeted outputs

  • Livelihoods of at least 1200 PWDs improved
  • At least 600 PWDs acquiring gainful employment and having sustainable income generation
  • At least 1200 PWDs trained in skills of business operation
  • At least 600 PWDs having obtained mobility equipments
  • At least 400 CWDs being sponsored to acquire Special Needs Education

Project results

  • Non discrimination of PWDs among the public
  • Equal job opportunities for PWDs
  • Skilled PWDs who are capable of running profitable income generating activities
  • Easy mobility of PWDs
  • Access to special needs education by CWDs