KACCAD is excited to announce that its Resource Center is partially completed!

KACCAD recently received generous donations of carpentry tools, sewing machines, building tools, and typewriters that will be used in the Resource Center for local skills-training classes. This is an exciting time for KACCAD and our community!


You really can make all the difference in the world!

Once completed, the center will be used for a variety of important community-based activities. It will house a Community Library as well as the central Administrative Offices of KACCAD. The KACCAD Resource Center also will be used for Voluntary Counseling and Testing of HIV/AIDS, Business Skills, Classroom Space, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Malarial Prevention and Treatment Programs, Dietary Nutrition Programs, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene classes.

When completed, this facility will have 8 rooms to be rented out to generate rental income. The income received from tenants will be used to support the two orphanages and to support local households affected by HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, the facility will be available for rental for community events in order to generate income for KACCAD.

Please, help us to complete the final stage of construction of the KACCAD Resource Center!

Please note that KACCAD has a track record of successful completion of all projects, full accountability to donors and  long-term partnerships with nonprofit making organizations, volunteers and individuals worldwide.