KACCAD started implementing a project for physically handicapped persons with the sole aim of reducing the degree of their vulnerability. The project was focused on assisting special needs children, people with amputated limbs, permanently paralyzed persons, families with disabled bread winners among others.

The disabled persons benefited in the project through acquisition of mobility items particularly wheel chairs as of (Jan2014) 7 disabled persons had received wheel chairs and 8 sewing machines were donated to families of disabled persons, The project as well provided training to disabled persons for instance many were trained in making of crafts, briquettes, chicken rearing and tailoring which enabled them to acquire skills that were vital for them to engage in income generating activities. The project advocated for non discrimination of the physically handicapped in respect to job offers.


To improve livelihoods of PWDs through economic empowerment and non discrimination advocacy

Project objectives

  • To advocate for non discrimination of PWDs because of their being disabled persons
  • To empower PWDs with skills of income generation from sustainable operation of businesses
  • To support PWDs to establish and operate income generating activities
  • To enable physically handicapped people to acquire mobility equipment
  • To facilitate children with disabilities (CWDs) to access Special Needs Education

This project phased out as KACCAD was faced with a challenge of limited funds to further the project activities, however KACCAD intends to work on the same project in the near future, if financial and technical support allows, KACCAD therefore wishes to inform the public, well wishers, international friends, donor agencies and or individuals that whoever is interested in supporting KACCAD towards this noble cause is welcome. Project proposals and more details about the project can be availed to you at any time, contact us via email and or telephone.