There was also a need to construct latrines for needy families and communities and spring wells. Many boreholes that had been out of service for more than two years needed to be repaired. Donations of any of these materials or funds to purchase materials or for well and latrine construction would help in KACCAD's expansion of this program.

As true of the whole of Uganda, Wakiso was facing water crisis. That crisis was not due to lack of but limited access to clean and safe water. According to Wakiso District data from March 2004, it was estimated that almost 50% of the population did not have access to safe drinking water. Wakiso District data further indicated that people could travel as far as 3 km to reach a water source. In light of those realities, KACCAD put priority on well renovation and construction as part of our health program.

Our water and sanitation goal:

By December 2008, KACCAD, in partnership with Wakiso District would construct or repair two wells in Wakiso Sub-County. This work would include water and sanitation education to residents in the surrounding area. This education would take place in the form of two presentations per community on purification of water, maintaining a latrine and related water and sanitation issues. As result, residents in Wakiso Sub-County, including those with HIV/AIDS would have increased access to clean water and become informed as to how to reduce the spread of water borne diseases.