Asasiira Erick

He lives with his grandfather who does not work and therefore unable to pay for him school fees therefore he has been playing drums in church to get some little money for support. He wants to become a computer software engineer to work in companies in Uganda and outside Africa

Muwanguzi Joshua

Since 2017 his parents have found it hard to pay his school fees they are financially unstable and then he resorted to brick making and learnt also the piano from a friend that’s how he gets some little money for school fees

Lwanga Sharif

I stay with my mom in Nakuwadde village. My dad abandoned us and we rarely see him. My mom is financially unstable and suffers from hypertension.  It is hard for her to work. My goal is to become a medical doctor to be able to care for my sick mom and become a successful medical care practitioner.

Kiganda Hayley

I have lived with sickle cells since my childhood. My health costs a lot more than what my parents can afford and as a result they have not been able to afford paying my school fees on time. Oftentimes I am sent back home due to failure to pay tuition. My father is a taxi conductor and my wife is a housewife.

Nakyanja Abigail

I am Asthmatic since I was born. It has been disturbing me. This year I started education in Baby Class but it has not been easy, I have been sent home several times due to failure to pay school fees on time. I will feel blessed if a sponsor finds me.My father is a taxi tout  and my mother is a housewife.

Kiganda Lauryn

For all days of my life, I have lived with sickle cells. It has disturbed me a lot. My parents have always sacrificed the little they had to support my medication which i need regularly. My father earns very little money from working as a taxi tout and most times he is not allowed to work. He keeps on looking for a permanent job but he has limited education and that's why he has not yet found a permanent job may be. But i always pray for him because he does his best to take care of my sickness which costs a lot. I hope i can find a sponsor to be able to stay in school.