Kedi Angel

I live with 7 siblings and we live with both our parents but they are unstable financially and after senior four I could not continue with school to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher so I resorted to working as a home help meanwhile.

Nabukeera Maureen

With little words the reason for becoming a doctor, I want to save people’s lives because we are all brothers and sisters. When I hear stories of fellow adolescents losing life due to teenage pregnancy I feel bad. I know I make a good doctor.

Suzan Nassiwa

I am proud to be a girl but I feel bad that I am unable to continue with education at this level due to extreme poverty our family is living in. My mom started looking after us solely after the death of our beloved father. Since then, she has done her best but things have not been busy. We have lived in a shack for 5 years now and before that we used to live in a shared dormitory in the slum which was crowded and even though we stay in a miserable house it is hard for my mum to raise the rent.